Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Kultopia" at Blindside ARI

Kultopia is the product of the collaborative workings of Amanda Airs, Shelley Grayden and Jack Rowland as mediated by the curator Adriane Hayward. Kultopia manipluates the artist/curator relationship; and communication, trust, authencity and automony will be tested. Collaboration extends creative practice and collective play, ultimately resulting in new exchanges. Kultopia is an immersive constructed environment. Abstracted detritus collected from the urban environment and references to the natural landscape are transformed in the gallery space. This artificial reconfiguration of everyday objects aims to create a kind of spatial simulacrum of reality. Art and space meld together in a sensory overload of objects and imagery.

Adriane Hayward

This is a project developed by Make+Shift+Project, 2012.

"Triangle Pony" at Kings ARI

A collaboration with Hayley Scilini, Adriane Hayward and myself at Kings ARI, 2012.

"Rip Hue" Opening night performance and collaboration at Lowrise Projects

Rip Hue, will consist of a large wall painting in vibrant colour, but the work will be invisible when the exhibition initially opens. The performative element of the work will take place at the opening on Friday 27th April from 6-8pm, where viewers will be ‘forced’ to participate in the unveiling process in order to reveal the painted work.

Abstract in form, referencing painters as diverse as Bridget Riley and Jackson Pollock, the installation is about the action of painting and the collaboration required to realise an artwork. The work will have a strong optical element, as the geometric shapes with divergent vanishing points create an unsettling and unexpected experience of dimensionality.

Performative and collaborative experiences have been evident in Airs’ recent works. These have included devising masking tape environments that get stuck and self destruct as people try to travel through them; and walkways made unpassable with strung up cotton threads, that are then cut and are inadvertently animated by passers-by. In Rip Hue the performative element will be more deliberately articulated, as without it the work remains visually inaccessible.

Melanie Flynn
Lowrise Projects curator

"Rip Hue" Finished


"Unconformity" is a house project, curated by Anabelle Lacroix in Port Melbourne, 2011.

"Shallow Matter"

Solo show at the gallery Upstairs at the Napier, 2011.

"Sunbeam Bistro"

A work included in the group exhibition "The Seven Visible Signs of Ageing" at Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, Melbourne, 2011.